How to Cut Hair at Home

Anyone else trying to figure out how to cut hair at home? I’m going to be very honest here with you, when it comes to booking haircuts – I fail miserably! I genuinely fail miserably! My kids always have overgrown hair – without fail!

It’s not always easy sync’ing up schedules for haircuts OR worse – trying to make it all work in one stop.


If we can ever make haircut magic happen, we do – otherwise – we cut at home! The big questions always is – How to Cut Hair at Home?? Believe me – if you don’t know what you’re doing – DON’T DO IT! But if you have a good hand, give it a try!

How to Cut Hair at Home

How to Cut Your Hair at Home

My husband is big on cutting our boys’ hair at home. He’s good at it, so it always come out good. I used to get so nervous when he would say, “It’s time to cut their hair!” He lines them up and gets them ready to go! It’s always so cute to me, my husband gets excited about it… the boys?

Not so much anymore! Throughout the years I’ve learned a few things about cutting your hair at home. I always joke that I’m my husband’s “assistant” when we cut their hair at home. I’m the clean-up girl and the one making sure it looks smooth, even and (being honest!) good!

How to Cut Hair at Home

We just cut their hair Sunday night at home and had some fun with the boys! They weren’t excited to have it done (as you can see in the video!).

easy messy bun with long hair

But… their hair was way overgrown! I mean, WAY OVERGROWN (as you can see!). This video makes me laugh so much! It’s real and raw and honest, so hopefully you’ll be able to connect.

VIDEO: How to Cut Hair at Home

Tips for How to Cut Hair at Home

  1. Make sure you have a towel on the ground when you’re about to cut! You want to make sure you get all the hair that falls and in one place!
  2. Also make sure you have a towel wrapped around your child, too! This will cut down on the amount of hair that gets on them and makes them itchy! We don’t have smocks at home, so towels will have to do!

Sirabe 10 Pcs Hair Cutting Scissors Set

  1. Hair cutting scissors are essential! We JUST bought some this past summer because we were using dull ones. You can buy these at Target or Walmart!
  2. Make sure you have a mirror near you!

Best thing to clean mirrors

  1. Have a style in mind before you start snipping and cutting away! It’s important to make sure you know what you’re going for and that you’re not just winging it!
  2. Start with clean hair!

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  1. Make sure you keep the blade of your scissors moving, do not keep stopping and going.
  2. If you have little kids, I suggest giving them something for them to watch and focus their attention on. You don’t want them moving around a ton, it will mess up the cut.

How to cut hair at home

  1. Take your time, don’t rush it!
  2. Please know – if you happen to make a mistake, you can ALWAYS head to a professional!

Cutting your hair at home is a great way to save money if you know what you’re doing! Don’t be afraid to try it at home, but also don’t be afraid to admit if you need help!

How to cut hair at home

If you don’t know How to Cut Hair at Home and don’t think you could handle it, stay away. Just leave it be. Don’t even think of trying it if you’re not feeling it. If you *think* you can make it work, go for it!

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How to Cut Hair at Home

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  1. 10.4.18
    sandra said:

    We cut our kids hair at home too

  2. 10.4.18
    Cristy Harfmann said:

    A friend was just telling me that she cuts her own hair. I had never thought about doing it before. Very interesting.

  3. 10.6.18
    Natalie said:

    These are great tips! I have tried to cut my hair at home to save money, but cutting layers is difficult.

  4. 10.9.18
    ellen beck said:

    Since hubby and I both have donated our hair like forever, about all I cut is a small portion of my bangs just so it parts on the side easily. I would ge nervous doing the whole ponytail myself and the stylists send it off free of charge where I go.

  5. 10.9.18
    Jessi Housel said:

    I cut everyone’s hair in my family! It’s a huge savings. I tell my kids I don’t pay someone else to do what I can do myself.

  6. 10.9.18
    Carolyn said:

    My husband is the family barber/stylist and he does a great job. He gave me a haircut shortly after we started dating. He had cooked a meal for me and it was delicious, I joked too bad you can’t cut hair because I need a haircut. He told me he had the proper tools and he could give me a haircut if I wanted him too. The first time he used a towel, but he has since bought a couple capes at Sally’s. He combed out, sectioned and pinned my hair up, then he trimmed the bottom layer and each successive layer letting it down in 1/2” increments. I admit I was a little nervous at first, but he had the good hair shears and the hair clips, and he was very gentle combing my hair, but still I flinched a litlle when I heard the first snip. When he finished, I dashed to the bathroom mirror to see the results. I was very pleased, he did a great job, the best haircut I could remember getting and it was free. He cuts my hair every 8-10 weeks and he gives my boys their haircuts monthly. It saves me hundreds a year. My husband gives haircuts to a couple of my friends and even my mother has asked him to cut hers. He does a nice job and it is free, so my friends didn’t think it was crazy for me to have him cut my hair, they asked if he could cut theirs as well. So my friends are saving money skipping the salon as well. My skills with the shears and clippers aren’t very good, so my boys won’t let me cut theirs and when I was setting out the supplies to color my mom’s hair, she mentioned she needed a trim and I offered, she declined my offer. So it is good there is someone in the family who is handy giving haircuts.

  7. 10.11.18
    Debra said:

    Your posting is abllsuteoy on the point!

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