Birthday INTERVIEW Questions for Kids

Do you take the time to do a birthday interview each year with your child on their actual birthday? We only started doing this a few years ago and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t start sooner with my 4 sons. Taking a moment each year on our child’s birthday is something special and I recommend you do it, too!

Birthday INTERVIEW Questions for Kids

Birthday Interview Questions for Kids

The reason I love to do a birthday interview is because it’s a great way to freeze time.  We don’t always get moments in time where we can (quite literally) hold it in our hearts and embrace it. I love hearing what my kids are going to say when I ask them specific questions about their lives.

I’m someone who loves to capture moments when I can. As my kids have gotten older and I look back at the moments of childhood, I have the ache in my heart. I see how they’ve aged so quickly and it makes my heart skip a beat. It’s truly bittersweet because I love each new age, but it makes me ache for the younger years.

I miss the moments when they needed me to tie their shoelaces. I miss the moments where they would want to hold my hand. There are certain moments I just know I will never get back again and that’s tough for a mom to embrace in her heart.

The reason I truly love doing a Birthday Interview is because it’s a set time every year where you can ask the same questions and see how the answers have changed or evolved. It’s important to notice the big and the small changes in answers. It’s fun to see what’s stayed the same and what hasn’t.

With a birthday interview with your kids there are no right or wrong answers, it’s just time to answer questions honestly and openly and truthfully. It’s fun to see what will come of it and it’s one of those things I just really look forward to every single birthday now.

Some call it “All about me birthday questions” and some call it “Annual birthday questions”… I call it a Birthday Interview. I just think it’s fun as can be for everyone!

I thought it would be fun it share with you what I use with my kids for their Birthday Interview. I think it’s fun to talk about it, but it’s even better to share what it is that we use:


Birthday Interview Questions with Kids

You can print this Birthday Interview Printable here.

Birthday Interview Questions with Kids

You can print this Birthday Interview Printable here.

I hope these bring you some fun on your child’s birthday! My advice is to keep it and make sure you have them year after year. I think it’s one of those special keepsakes you will look at from time and time and it will truly make you so happy. I love how this is just a great way to capture these birthday moments in time.

Additional advice I have for you when you’re conducting birthday interview questions:

1. Video tape it. I love reading the answers, but if you can get them on tape, too – even better! See what your child will sound like and look like as they go through each question. I love being able to replay and watch these year after year.

2. Add to your scrapbook. I would get a binder or a folder or a special book to put these in after your child answers. They will write the answers down and you will even see their handwriting change from year to year. It’s special to see all of these little milestones.

3. Laminate them. These will be papers you don’t ever want to part with year after year. You can laminate them and hold onto them for dear life for the future. I think this is a fun and special way to do it, too. I love being able to see them “held forever” in special paper. It’s something that I know your child will be happy you did for them someday!

Birthdays are a BIG deal for any age (I still love celebrating mine!). It’s a time to celebrate and be excited about starting a brand new 365 days ahead! You were born on a particular date for a reason and that’s something very, very special. I hope these Birthday Interview questions bring some extra fun into birthdays for you and your family!

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Also make sure you check out what we do for our kids for their birthdays! We do birthday videos every single year for our kids. My kids don’t have baby books, so I’ve taken the time to create some birthday videos for them chronicling the last year for them. It’s become a family tradition that they look forward to watching in the morning on their birthday!


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  1. 6.11.20
    mami2jcn said:

    This is a cute idea. It’s really capturing a snapshot of the child in a certain point in time.

  2. 6.11.20
    Lindsay A. said:

    This is such a lovely idea – I barely remember any of the birthdays from my childhood, which makes me a bit wistful to think about. I think your kids will love having this to look back on in the years to come!

  3. 6.11.20
    Dana Rodriguez said:

    I really love this idea! Thanks for the printable and tips!

  4. 6.11.20
    Mya Murphy said:

    Such a super cute idea!! I’m so doing this!!

  5. 6.16.20
    rana j durham said:


  6. 6.19.20
    Dana said:

    This is a cute idea. I’m not sure if my 13 year old would go along with it at this age though. Lol

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