Things to Do During Quarantine for Teens

As the mother of 4 teens, I know this isn’t easy or fun for teens right now at all. To be it lightly, it really sucks for them. I’m constantly trying to think of things to do during quarantine for teens because it can’t just be about video games (although it has been a saving grace for socialization).

Things to Do During Quarantine for Teens

things to do during quarantine for teens

Last spring when the quarantine began I let my 4 teenage sons basically play video games all they wanted to. Here 51 things to do during quarantine for teens. I tried to come up with a variety of things that would work for different kids. There’s definitely not a one size fits all. Everyone has different wants and needs.

When it comes to trying to think of things to do during quarantine for teens it needs to be at home or at least somewhere were you can be outside, away from people. I think my teens are thinking they will be chained to the couch right now and that’s not the case!

things to do during quarantine for teens

There are a bunch of things to do during quarantine for teens that will keep everyone happy, busy and moving. You want to make sure your teens are having a good time. It’s more than just the physical health right now, it’s the mental and emotional health, too.

When we’re thinking of things to do with teens or activities for teens to do, it’s important to always have a list in mind. The last thing you want is to have to stop and think about things to do. You lose their attention too quickly. Take it from me with 4 teens, I like to capture their attention immediately!

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With quarantine, I like to have a solid go-to list of everything that can be done. It’s important to have it all laid out in a list like fashion so they can breeze through and start picking out things that they would prefer to do. This way it’s just easy when your thinking of things to do during quarantine for teens.

Binge on a TV Show
Paint a Room in the House
Have them Build Something for You
Have them Clean their Room or an Area in the House
Have them Do a Puzzle
Have them Play a Game
Have them Create a TikTok
Have them Plan a Picnic
Have them Go on a Walk (around your neighborhood)
Have them Ride Bikes (around your neighborhood)
Have them Plan a Fancy Dinner at Home
Have them Create Brinner (breakfast for dinner)
Have them Plant a Garden
Have them Plan a Future Vacation
Have them Play Video Games (perhaps the BEST)
Have them Do Laundry For You
Have them Lift Weights
Have them Do Yoga
Have them Try to Meditate
Have them Read Books
Have them call someone in your family
Have them Play Music (Learn an Instrument)
Have a Host a Dance Party (Virtual)
Have them Watch a LIVE Band on the Internet
Have them Try Dance Lessons on the Internet
Try to Learn a New Language on the Internet
Go to the zoo together
Have them Play Basketball Outside
Have them Write A Letter to Someone
Have them Organize Something in Your House
Have them Create a Vision Board
Have them Watch a Sunset
Have them Watch a Sunrise
Have them Start a Scrapbook of this Time
Have them Create a Special Lunch for the Family
Have them Host a Virtual Family Get-Together
Have them Host a Virtual Dinner Party
Have them Make Breakfast
Walk on the beach
Have them Go On a Virtual Field Trip
Have them Train for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, etc
Have them Watch and “Old Movie” from Your Time
Have them Learn Something from YOU
Have them Camp in the Backyard
Have them Set up an Obstacle Course Outside
Have them Build a Fort in the Living Room
Have them Clean your Car
Have them Do Some Fun Craft Projects
Have them Stay in their Pajamas all Day
Have them Work on a Family Tree
Have them Decorate the House

I love to share as much information as I can about parenting teens because I’m in the thick of it right now and I think it’s important to share what we know and what we go through as parents.

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I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram, too. I share over there a ton of things that we do together as a family. I just know that right now if you have teens, there’s a lot of us parents struggling to keep them busy. Love sharing different ideas and things to do during quarantine for teens.


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