Spring Outdoor Activities for Kids

Looking for spring outdoor activities for kids? Here are 50 spring family activities for you to to outside. Whether you’re looking for spring activities for toddlers, kids, tweens and/or teens, this list will have you covered with something for someone.

Spring Outdoor Activities for Kids

THINGS To Do this Spring with Kids

Springtime with kids is a fun time to get outside and play. Outdoot activities at home are fun because you don’t have to go far, but you can also do things locally that are just as fun, too. Finding spring outdoor activities for kids is something you will love because it gets you in the spring air.

Activities in spring are vast and wide. When you’re thinking about what to do, create a list of spring activities you would love to do over and over. We love to have a full list of spring activities to do with the kids. It’s just something we appreciate doing and love having on hand.

Spring Family Activities

Here are 50 spring outdoor activities for kids. You will love at least one outdoor activities ideas on this list. These are fun spring outdoor activities for kids everywhere (regardless of where you live).

50 spring outdoor activities for kids

  1. Lemonade Stand
  2. Bike Rides
  3. Fishing
  4. Neighborhood Scavanger Hunt
  5. Water Balloon Fight
  6. Basketball Game
  7. Hopscotch
  8. Hiking
  9. Kayaking
  10. Beach Walk

50 spring outdoor activities for kids

  1. Plant a Garden
  2. Painting Project
  3. Create an Outdoor Clubhouse
  4. Roller Blading
  5. Wash your Car(s)
  6. Walk the Neighborhood
  7. Frisbee
  8. Blow Bubbles
  9. Picnic
  10. Outdoor Yoga

50 spring outdoor activities for kids

  1. Zoo Visit
  2. Farm Visit
  3. Pick Flowers
  4. Swimming
  5. Jump Rope
  6. Game of Tag
  7. Sidewalk Chalk
  8. Bouncy House
  9. Tie Dye Tees (or whatever)
  10. Playground Time

50 spring outdoor activities for kids

  1. Plant a Tree
  2. Rock Climbing
  3. Rock Painting
  4. Running/Jogging
  5. Science Experiments Outside
  6. Tennis
  7. Wiffle Ball
  8. Outdoor Movie Night
  9. Street Hockey
  10. Dance Party Outside

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  1. Star Gazing
  2. “I Spy” Hunt
  3. Relay Races
  4. Visit a Nature Preserve
  5. Make a Birdhouse
  6. Fly Kites
  7. Play Soccer
  8. Croquet
  9. Hide and Go Seek
  10. Outdoor Tea Party

These spring outdoor activities for kids are fun for kids to do. These are ways for you to keep yourself and your family busy and occupied. They’re fun for your kids to do at home. As you can tell many of these are great spring outdoor activities for adults, too. They work for everyone.

As you’re wondering what else to do this spring. Check out these different activities and things to do, too:

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