Cute and Easy Bun Hair Tutorial

There’s just something about a cute and easy bun hairstyle. They can be worn to school, on special occasions, at fun parties, to work, at gatherings with friends, or just out and about! I want to share this cute and easy bun hair tutorial on the blog today because it’s just a perfect versatile hairstyle.

Cute and Easy Bun Hair Tutorial

Cute and Easy Bun Hair Tutorial

When it comes to sharing hairstyles, I like to make sure they’re simple and easy. Nobody has time in the mornings to fidget with their hair for a great amount of time. It’s pretty much like, let’s get it set and done. 🙂

What makes this bun hair tutorial so easy is that there’s not much thought that goes into it. As much as I love a messy bun, there’s also something great about a smooth, pretty, polished bun hairstyle, too.


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How To Do a Polished Bun Hairstyle

cute and easy bun hair tutorial

Here are the steps for this cute and easy bun hair tutorial.

1. Brush the hair into a low ponytail

2. Start to do a ponytail, but on the last pass-through with the hair – just loop it – don’t pull it all the way through (make sure it’s angled up, as you’ll see in the video)

3. Smooth the tail with a brush or a comb and add a hair elastic at the end

4. Gently take the hair and drape it over the top of the ponytail loop and tuck the end of the tail into the ponytail hair tie

5. Make sure it’s smoothed down, you can add a quick spray of hairstyle or wax to keep it smooth and polished, too.

I love this hairstyle and hope that you will, too!

Favorite Hair Products To Use

When it comes to hairstyles for kids, I feel like I could write a book! 🙂 We do hairstyles together almost every single day.

1. I know that it’s not always easy to have Victoria sit still, but a book, a device, or just talking time helps. Sometimes we play a game and that will help keep her still (although if you know my girl, she doesn’t like to sit still!).

2. I love using a leave-in conditioner spray on Victoria’s hair before I start. I just like to make sure there aren’t any tangles before we get going.

Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Spray

3. I love using hair oil, too on Victoria. It makes her hair nice and shiny and smooth to work with. I feel like this has been a huge game-changer for her when it comes to flyaways and keeping it healthy.

Sol De Janeiro's Nourishing Oil

4. I love using hair elastics that don’t damage the hair.

I will continue to recommend the products we use and love because I think it’s important to share what people use that works.

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