60 Nice Things To Do for Your Husband

When was the last time you thought about nice things to do for your husband? We’re all supposed to be home right now with our families hunkered down and taking care of ourselves at home.

I love spending this extra time with my kids and especially my husband. He’s been amazing doing what he can to take care of us around the house by cooking and cleaning and doing odd jobs we’ve been wanting to do forever!

60 Nice Things To Do for Your Husband

Nice Things To Do For Your Husband


When it comes to doing nice things to do for your husband, I think it comes down to finding things that you can do together. That’s basically it. I’m all about finding things to do with your husband to keep your love sparked and alive and healthy!

You need to make sure you’re constantly finding things to do that are fun and different and sweet.

Last year I wrote about romantic things to do for your husband and I loved it because I think it’s fun to do romantic things.


I’m a hopeless romantic, so for me it’s fun to be able to do romantic and lovey dovey things for my husband. I think it’s special and I think it’s meaningful.

I wanted to come up with a list of nice things to do for your husband while you’re home. I know we’re all on a stay at home quarantine with everything going on in the world right now.

I know it’s not always easy to come up with things to do and even romantic things to do, but I wanted to TRY!

Laughing with your Husband

I’m compiled a list of 60 nice things to do for your husband and the foundation of every single activity on the list below is that it’s things that you do together.

That’s how I wanted to make sure the list came together. I wanted to make sure it’s activities and fun things that you’re going together, even if it’s “routine” things that just need to get done.

Laughing with your Husband

These activities are not in any particular order, I just outlined as I went along:

60 Nice Things To Do For Your Husband

Cook a Favorite Meal Together
Bake a Favorite Treat Together
Do a Puzzle Together
Watch a Movie Together
Binge on a TV Show Together
Paint a Room Together
Build Something Together
Clean Together
Match Socks Together
Play a Game Together
Create a TikTok Together
Have a Picnic Together
Go on a Walk Together (around your neighborhood)
Ride Bikes Together (around your neighborhood)
Have a Fancy Dinner at Home
Create Brinner (breakfast for dinner)
Plant a Garden Together
Plan a Future Vacation Together
Play Video Games Together
Do Laundry Together
Lift Weight Together
Do Yoga Together
Meditate Together
Read Books Together
Call Someone Together and Talk on Speaker
Play Music Together
Have a Dance Party Together
Watch a LIVE Band Together on the Internet
Try Dance Lessons Together on the Internet
Try to Learn a New Language Together on the Internet
Massage Each Other
Play Basketball Together
Write Each Other Love Letters
Organize a Room Together
Create a Vision Board Together
Watch the Sunset Together
Watch the Sunrise Together
Watch the Stars at Night Together
Create a Special Cocktail Together
Host a Virtual Cocktail Party Together
Host a Virtual Dinner Party Together
Breakfast in Bed Together
House Hunt Together Online
Do some Virtual Field Trips Together
Train for a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, etc Together
Recreate your First Date at Home
Create a Fire and Sit By It
Camp in your Backyard Together
Set up Croquet in your Backyard
Organize your Garage Together
Clean your Cars Together
Do a Craft Together
Stay in your Pajamas all Day Together
Work on a Family Tree Together
Sew Something Together
Have a Haircut Night Together
Make your Own Beer Together
Have a Pizza Making Night
Fondue Night
Build a Fort Together

Hoping you like this list and I’m hoping it inspired you to go do something! Last night we cleaned out our pantry together and though it was something we’ve been meaning to do for a long time, it was nice to do it together. We laughed and joked and just got it done.

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We also watched Tiger King on Netflix… OMG, if you haven’t seen this it’s WILD! It’s a crazy show and we’ve been binging it together with our oldest son (who is 15 years old).

It’s simple things like this that are nice things to do for your husband. How? It’s just spending time together. It’s making a conscious effort to BE together.


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