Reasons Why I Love My Dad

Sharing 101 Reasons Why I Love My Dad. Sometimes in life, there are moments when you truly stop and look at your relationship with someone and feel blessed. My dad is one of those people for me. I’m blessed to be his daughter.

101 REASONS Why I Love my Dad

Why do I love my dad? My dad has always been there for me. My dad has protected me. My dad has loved me. My dad has supported me. My dad goes above and beyond every single day for his kids. My dad is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. My dad is always there and I love that about him.

101 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

Reasons why I love my dad

I’ve always been someone to show my love to my dad and my mom. Sometimes it’s just fun and nice to create a reasons I love my dad list to put your love and appreciation to paper.

Reasons why I love my dad
Me with my Mom and Dad! Christmas Eve 2011
  1. He calls me every day.
  2. He has a special handshake with me (something I suggest for all dads and kids).
  3. He’s funny.
  4. He never forgets special moments.
  5. He always puts his family first.
  6. He always made life fun for our family.
  7. He’s always up for an adventure.
  8. He’s caring.
  9. He’s kind to everyone.
  10. He loves to give back.
  11. He has special nicknames for me.
  12. He doesn’t miss ANYTHING for his family (school events, occasions, holidays).
  13. He’s present with he’s with you, he’s not looking at anything else.
  14. He supports his kids.
  15. He’s loyal.
  16. He’s one of the kindest people I know.
  17. He always makes us special meals.
  18. He’ll wake up at 4AM to bring his kids anywhere.
  19. He loves my kids like his own.
  20. He loves to entertain his family.
  21. He’s all about creating memories.
  22. He loves to make clam dip (my fave and my kids).
  23. His laugh always make me happy.
  24. He’s never in a bad mood.
  25. He’s a great shoulder to cry on.
  26. He’s a half is always half full kind of guy.
  27. He’s always willing to learn something new.
  28. He loves to tell his kids that he’s proud of them.
  29. He’s all about the grill.
  30. He loves to watch movies.
  31. He tries to stay in the loop with everything online and on social media.
  32. He checks in on his kids every single day.
  33. He loves to video tape his grandkids sports (and send to them).
  34. He loves the Red Sox.
  35. He loves the Celtics.
  36. He loves to read the paper.
  37. He loves to joke around.
  38. He believes in the power of prayer.
  39. He encourages us to stay positive.
  40. He believes in angels.
  41. He’s always up for a good book.
  42. He loves to be inspired.
  43. And he loves to inspire.
  44. He loved his mom more than life.
  45. He sends me clips from the newspaper that pertain to me.
  46. He loves to act silly with my kids.
  47. He’s always up for a game of basketball with my sons.
  48. He loves to stay active.
  49. He loves my mother more than life.
  50. He loves to watch TV at night with ice cream.
  51. He’s always a text away.
  52. He loves to learn new things.
  53. He’s a hard worker.
  54. He has instilled a good work ethic in all of his kids.
  55. He’s shown his kids the importance of their relationship.
  56. He loves a good quote.
  57. He doesn’t measure success to a bank account.
  58. He’s not a jealous man.
  59. He’s happy for others.
  60. He’s a people person.
  61. He loves to volunteer.
  62. He always buys me romance books.
  63. He loves to chat on the phone.
  64. He cares about what’s going on in the lives of his kids.
  65. He loves to talk business.
  66. He’s not afraid to take risks.
  67. He’s someone I’d always want in my lifeboat.
  68. He loves Lemon Meringue Pie.
  69. He loves to sneak Burger King or McDonald’s.
  70. He loves traveling to his favorite places.
  71. He loves watching my sons play football.
  72. He gets a kick out of watching his granddaughters play.
  73. He’s the most humble person I know.
  74. He looks for the good in everyone.
  75. He maintains great relationships with his friends.
  76. He always remembers details about people.
  77. He’s great at sales.
  78. He never gives up.
  79. He’s wise.
  80. He’s a family man.
  81. He loves to look good.
  82. He always loves to show-off a new haircut.
  83. He’s organized in his own way.
  84. He’s determined.
  85. He dedicated to things he loves.
  86. He believes in love.
  87. He loves to bike.
  88. He loves to walk.
  89. He has a calming sensibility about him.
  90. He always orders too much food.
  91. He loves to order things for his kids that he thinks they’ll need.
  92. He believes in people.
  93. He’s great at negotiating.
  94. He’s fair.
  95. He’s consistent.
  96. He’ shows up every single time.
  97. He’s never one to let anyone down.
  98. He’s sweet.
  99. He loves milk.
  100. He’s an incredible listener.
  101. I’m just lucky in life to call him DAD.

Reasons why I love my dad

These are just a few of the reasons why I love my dad. He’s always been one of my #1 supporters in life (tied with my mom). He’s everything you want in a dad and then some. I’ve always joked that I did something really special in a past life to get him in this life, but I’m aware of that blessing.

101 REASONS Why I Love my Dad
My father is right in the middle, second row! He’s next to my husband – who is in the red tee! He always stands in the middle, looking over everyone!

Why do you love your dad? What are some of the reasons? And if my own dad reads this, these are reasons why I love you dad. You’re #1 in my book. I hope everyone has special reasons why to love your dad. Every dad is different and unique. And every dad has it in them to be who they should be to their kids.




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    I’m not worthy… but it’s easy with a daughter like you.❤️❤️

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