Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Looking for the best summer jobs for teens? I know I am for my 4 teenage sons. Making sure your teenager has something to do all summer is important for their well-being. A summer job teaches them responsibility, discipline, and dedication to something.

What are some of the best jobs for teens this summer? There are so many options for teens when it comes to looking for summer jobs. Make sure your teenager looks for a job that suits them well. Teens looking for summer work have the ability to find work outside, inside, or even online.

Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Best Summer Jobs for TeensThe best part about finding work for teens is getting paid. This might be the first time they have a regular paying job. Teaching teens about being responsible with their finances is also something that’s very important for them to learn, too. When looking for the best summer jobs for teens, have them keep in mind what the hourly pay would be, too.

Your teens also need to keep in mind that for some jobs, they’re going to need to be certified to work. If your teenager is looking into lifeguarding, courses are required for this kind of employment. Just make sure they’re mindful of what they might need to have in place before they apply.


Here is a list of summer jobs for students. These jobs are all tailored for teenagers. Hopefully, there are a few that jump out to your teenager when it comes to helping them find some summer work. Some of these are fun summer jobs for high schoolers and some are not. It all depends on what interests your teenager has in particular activities.

Family Beach Trup with Teenagers

50 Summer Jobs for Teens

  1. Lifeguard
  2. Camp Counselor
  3. Babysitter/Nanny
  4. Tutor
  5. Landscaping
  6. House Painting
  7. Dog Walker
  8. Host/Hostess at a Restaurant
  9. Food Runner at a Restuarant
  10. Snack Bar Employee at Pool Club or Beach
  11. Parking Attendant at Pool Club or Beach
  12. Barista
  13. Teach Private Swimming Lessons
  14. Teach Private Tennis Lessons
  15. Teach Private Soccer Lessons
  16. Teach Private Basketball Lessons
  17. Teach Private Golf Lessons
  18. House Sitter
  19. Office Staff Worker
  20. Waiter/Waitress (*see regulations as to where you could work)
  21. Retail Staff Worker
  22. etsy Shop Owner (create your own products – tee shirts, logos, etc)
  23. Musical Gigs at Local Restaurants, Coffee Shops, etc.
  24. Ice Cream Shop Worker
  25. Maintenance Staff Worker
  26. Amusement Park Worker
  27. Water Park Worker
  28. Nursing Home Staff Worker
  29. Concessions Stand Worker at Sports Facility
  30. Town Work Staff (apply at local Town Hall)
  31. Library Staff Worker
  32. Help with Driving Needs for Families (ask local families if they need carpooling help)
  33. Caddy
  34. Grocery Store Employee
  35. Cashier at Local Shops
  36. Referee or Umpire
  37. Garage Sale Flipper and then Sell Items on eBay
  38. Virtual Assistant
  39. Local Photographer for Influencers
  40. Remote Car Cleaner
  41. Fast Food Worker
  42. Personal (in-person) Assistant
  43. Teach Private Diving Lessons
  44. Teach Private Field Hockey Lessons
  45. Sales Representative for a Company
  46. Social Media for Small Businesses
  47. Write for your Local Newspaper/Magazines (pitch a teen column)
  48. Warehouse Worker
  49. Activities Assistant at Pool Clubs, Camps, Resorts
  50. Teach Private Music Lessons

Hopefully, this laundry list of summer jobs for teens helps you out. These are important to go through when your teenager is wondering what to do for a job this summer.

Summer Bucket List for Teens

How to Apply for a Summer Job as a Teenager

The best way for your teenager to apply for a summer job is to look online for applications and then call to follow up. If there’s not an application online, call or stop in. Teenagers need to make sure they show initiative in their hopes of finding a summer job. It’s important for them to see the hard work that goes into securing a job, too.

Teens and Finance

Summer Jobs for 14 Years Olds

If you’re wondering how old you need to be to apply for jobs for teenagers, 14 years old is that threshold. Take the time to look into what jobs a 14-year-old could do above. Not all the jobs will work for a teen who is 14 years old, but there are some that are simple and easy for them to do.

Job Ideas for 14-year-olds:

  • Babysitter/Nanny
  • Camp Counselor
  • Activities Helper
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Landscaping

Teachings Kids to Save Money

Good Summer Jobs for 15 Year Olds

When you’re 15 years old, you have the ability to be eligible for more work than a 14-year-old would be. It’s usually right about this time when a teenager needs to start looking for work. There are various jobs that a 15 year old can do, many of which are listed above.

Top Ideas for 15-year-olds:

  • Camp Counselor
  • Host/Hostess
  • Caddy
  • Babysitter/Nanny
  • Snack Bar Worker

Teachings Kids to Save Money

What are the Highest Paying Teen Jobs?

This all depends and requires a little bit of work on your teenager. If your teen is going to try and create their own business (private lessons, babysitting, online store, landscaping, etc) they can set their own hourly wage. This can be beneficial because they will have ownership over it.

If your teenager is applying for work at a restaurant, beach, pool club, office, etc., there are wages already in place and they vary by place and state. Have them call and ask, too.

things to do during quarantine for teens

This is a big step for teenagers in finding their first job or summer job. Hoping this information helps and makes the process a bit easier. There are so many things for teens to do for work, sometimes you just need to see options laid out for you.

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