30 Day Cleaning Challenge

If you’re looking for ways to keep your house clean, I’m here to help. I created a simple 30 Day Cleaning Challenge for families to use while trying to keep up with the routine house cleaning tasks. It’s not always easy to fit in massive cleanings, so I felt creating a challenge would be easier.

30 Day Cleaning Challenge

30 Day Cleaning Challenge

I’m all about creating a 30 day cleaning challenge that is doable and practical. I don’t need a laundry list of things that are going overwhelm me. I just need a cleaning challenge that is doable for your family to help out with and also practical enough to actually do.

One of the big holds up for me when it comes to cleaning is that it’s a never ending process. We have 7 people in our family so I’m VERY aware of how crazy and chaotic the house can get. I prefer to keep my house clean, but with 4 teen sons it’s not always possible.

Things to clean in your kitchen

The reason a 30 Day Cleaning Challenge was needed was because I was sick and tired of trying to do it all on my own. I needed help and I needed my family members to chip in and each take on a duty. By creating this cleaning challenge, each day (1) of us takes on a duty. At the end of the month it turns out to only be 4 challenges for our family.

Simple, right? Yes. And it makes my life easier, which is very helpful! The last thing my kids want is mommy feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Cleaning Routine

I’ve created this 30 day cleaning challenge to start at ANY time you need it to start. If it’s mid-month, that’s fine. If it’s at the beginning or end of the month, that’s fine. Just know that you can start this whenever you need to with your family.

I created (2) different layouts for you, so go with the one that jumps out at you first. I wanted the colors to be happy, bright colors because cleaning isn’t exactly a HAPPY thing (right?). So whatever one speaks to you, jump at it and print it out.

30 Day Cleaning Challenge

Print this 30 Day Cleaning Challenge Printable Here.30 Day Cleaning Challenge

Print this 30 Day Cleaning Challenge Printable Here

Yes, I added in a BONUS DAY! I always feel like it’s fun to have a bonus day of something. I hope you like these things that I came up with. If any of them don’t pertain to your and your household, come up with something else to do that day for a fill in.

Weekly House Cleaning Printable

Routine for Families:

Day 1:
Clean your fridge

Day 2:
Clean all remotes

Day 3:
Dust TVs and Electronics

Day 4:
Wipe down appliances

Day 5:
Clean the baseboards

Day 6:
Clean your medicine cabinet

Day 7:
Wipe down your curtains

Day 8:
Organize your shampoos/conditioners/creams

Day 9:
Clean coat closet

Day 10:
Clean shoe closet

Day 11:
Deep clean rugs

Day 12:
Organize kitchen cabinets

Day 13:
Clean steps in your house

Day 14:
Clean out makeup bag

Day 15:
Clean toy chest/area

Day 16:
Organize linen closet

Day 17:
Wipe down kitchen cabinets

Day 18:
Wipe down bedroom furniture

Day 19:
Clean desk area

Day 20:
Clean patio/deck area

Day 21:
Clean oven

Day 22:
Deep clean bedding

Day 23:
Clean doorknobs

Day 24:
Clean utensil drawer

Day 25:
Organize kid closet(s)

Day 26:
Clean pet area

Day 27:
Clean under your kitchen sink

Day 28:
Organize pantry

Day 29:
Clean coffee tables/side tables

Day 30:
Clean bathroom drawers

Day 31:
Vacuum/sweep floors

I also have a fun and easy 21 Spring Cleaning Challenge – which is a spring cleaning list. With spring right around the corner, this might be easy for you to follow, too. I just know I needed something beyond just the spring, too. It’s not just all about the spring cleaning, it’s about the year round cleaning, too.

Weekly House Cleaning Printable

It’s important to stop and think about these kinds of questions – what cleaning chore do you dread? What cleaning task do you usually assign to your kids? How long does it usually take you to clean a room in your house? Do you usually have help while you’re cleaning? All of these things come in to play when you’re cleaning.

I just wanted to help YOU out! A 30 day cleaning challenge is always a good way to drum up cleaning excitement and try to get everyone on board. You can even add some prizes to the mix if you think it would help, too.

Detergent for cleaning clothes

Listen – as parents we’re all in this together! We need to share what works and what doesn’t work. I think it’s important to be honest and real and up front with what kinds of things work for YOU and your family. You never know when you’ll get a burst of inspiration from something that someone says!

Make sure you check out my Spring Cleaning Guide if you’re looking for cleaning info and advice this spring.

If you need more of a weekly cleaning list:

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